Are you a united Airline Employee and looking for united employee login? Then this article will help you. Read this article to know how to access FlyingTogether Login. 

United Intranet or flying together is an employee portal created by United Airlines for their associates. This portal is dedicated to united airline employees and they can find all the necessary information in one place. There are many services available on portal and in this article, we will talk about how to access flying together Login and other features.

United Airline

United Airlines is the 3rd biggest airline in the world by fleet size and the number of routes. They have more than 800 airplanes and provide a destination to more than 350 places all around the world. They have around 96,000 employees working with them. Because of that, they need a centralized management system for their employee and that’s where the united employee login portal comes in.



Flying together or United Intranet is an employee portal for the united airlines.  From this portal, employees can find useful information such as flight schedules, their day to day schedules, work management, paystub, and other financial information as well. united employee login allows users to access this information from one place and manage as well. In order to access their information in Flying together login, employees need to sign in to the portal. Here is how,

Flying Together Login

Flying Together Login

Every employee of United Airlines needs to login to United intranet every day. Here is how to,

  • Visit the official
  • Now enter your uID first 
  • Then your designated password
  • After that, click on the “Login” button to access 

Once you enter all the proper details, it will redirect you to your Flying together dashboard. 

There are many types of login for Flying together employees and all of those are connected with united intranet login. Let’s look at how to login to different united employees log in.

CSS login

CSS or Crew Communication System login is an employee portal just for the flight attendant and crewmate of united airlines. With CSS login, flight attendants can get information such as schedules, tasks, information regarding crewmates, and more. In order to access this information, they need to login to CSS, here is how.

  • Visit the official website at
  • After that enter your CSS login ID
  • After that, enter the United password
  • Once the user provides the correct information, it will redirect to the CSS dashboard

Troubleshooting for CSS Login

Most of the time when united employees log in to their portal, they don’t face any issue, but while the problem doesn’t occur most often, they do need assistance sometimes. Here are some of the common problems that could be fixed on Flying Together Login for CSS.

Password Reset for CSS login

If any employee forgets their password, then here is what they can do to fix it.

  • Visit the official website for Crew Communication System login
  • After that, click on change united password
  • After that, it will redirect you to the password reset page
  • Now you need to provide your united ID
  • Then you will receive an email which is associated with united airline
  • Click on the link and now set a new password
  • You also need to answer the security questions which you have set during your registration process
  • After that, go to the CSS login page for united intranet and login with your new password

Check scheduled outages

Sometimes when United employees cannot log in to the portal collectively, it must be because of something wrong with the server. United Airlines regularly does the maintenance of its servers and it could be the scheduled outage. To check that, go to the CSS login page and click on the link with Check scheduled outage. If any maintenance is happening, it will provide the information along with timing as well.

Login Help 

Apart from password reset and scheduled outage, there are other issues as well. If United employee need more assistance, then they can call on this number,

Domestic 847-700-5800 (Toll-Free: 800-255-5801)

International 001-847-700-5800

They can find this information by visiting the Crew Communication System of united flying together login page. Click on the link that says, login help and they will find all the necessary information regarding that. 

United Pass Rider Login

United Employees are allowed to provide passes to their friends or family for any flights. They could get a discount or a totally free ride for flights. It depends on the pass they have. In order to get this pass for a non-united person, they need to access United pass rider login.

  • Visit the official site at Login page
  • Now provide your United ID which is associated with your united employee login
  • After that provide a password for that
  • Once you write down your correct credential, you will be redirected to employeeRES portal

Once you reach the dashboard, you can apply for a free ride pass for your friend or family. You can also check other information regarding employeeRES on that portal as well. 


This the official app for flyingtogether portal. It’s not available on google play store or Apple app store. With this app, United Employees can log in and find the same information as united intranet login. This app allows employees to find information like schedules and pay stubs and more. Visit the official website and login with your credentials and download the app.

Old flyingtogether Websites

There are a few websites that are no longer available and redirect the users to the new one. If you are having trouble with that, here is the list of old united airlines employee login portals.

This is an old website before flyingtoghter and now it will redirect directly to

This is an old website for Crew Communication System login which does not redirect to the new website.

Flying together Ual FAQ

What is Flying Together Login?

Flyingtogether or United Intranet is an employee portal for United Airlines associates. In this portal, united airlines employee login can find all the relevant information regarding their work and employment.

How to access

Visit the official website for Flyingtogether on the above website. Now provide your credentials like United ID and password. Once all the information is correct, you can access the dashboard.

Where to find support for united employee login?

The employee of United user ID begins with U,N,V, or I. Legacy Continental co-workers should no longer use their legacy ID. they can also call  800-255-5801, 847-700-5800 for IT support as well.


We hope this article will help you find all the important information regarding We have mentioned in the detail about how to access united employee login and other information. If you still have any questions regarding flyingtogether or united intranet login, ask us in the comment section.